Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring - where are you?

Last year John and I went to Hendrick's Park. Trees and flowers were in full bloom. These past few days in Oregon have been really dreary. The days lighten up a bit but I wouldn't call it daylight. I would call it less dark than night. I was at a funeral and the person speaking related a story of how he always drank his morning coffee on the patio - rain, snow, sun or gray - it didn't matter. He and his wife always plant beautiful flower gardens and have fabulous roses. One morning his wife asked him why he continued to drink his coffee on the patio during the cold and rainy days. He stated "I sit out here and look out into our yard and remember the roses and the flowers". He went on to say that our memories bring back the person we have lost just as our memories bring back the roses in the winter.

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