Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Our Backyard!

I love living where deer are often walking through the yard, nibbling on whatever they find.  These two are still young.  The buck spent well over a couple of hours back there.  I watched him from our living room.  The fawns were in and out.  At one point there was three fawns, a doe and buck.  Yes, that would be 5 deer in the backyard.

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Donna B said... wonderful to have the forests and wild creatures wandering through your yard. We visited friends in Idaho, and were thrilled by the deer sightings we were able to see. It must be so peaceful.
With you being a nursing home nurse, God Bless you. My Dad has Alzheimer's and we believe he is in "one of the good ones". I admire you for turning in the abuser at the home where you worked (I read it on your other blog). I imagine, living near nature is just what you need for balance in your life.